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 About Department

Focus areas

1. Ergonomics and Occupational Health
2. Job Analysis and Optimization
3. Consumer Ergonomics and Product Design
4. Environment and Sustainable Development
5. Interior and Exterior Space Design
6. Human Resource Management


Resource Management is an evolving field which concentrates on management on effective and efficient use and management of resources, in the context of fast changing human ecology and environment. This specialization has relevance for contemporary living.
The Department provides education about management in relation to Environment, Energy, Space, Finance, Human Resources, Consumer Behaviour and Hospitality with the main focus on Ergonomics and Interior Design. The courses offered by the Department are aimed at developing professional skills of students to manage available resources for improving quality of life. The Department encourages independent study and projects in current advances in the field. It encourages to enhance communication and presentation skills through seminars, participation in conferences, workshops etc as part of the course, Students are required to do internship to prepare them for the professional demands in the field.

The Master’s courses prepare students to work as research scientists, interior designers, teachers, consultants and managers in industry, private and public sector enterprises, hotels, hospitals etc. The Department undertakes outreach programs, consultancy, organizes seminars, workshops and training activities in the relevant fields. It works in close collaboration with various industries, academic and research institutions.

Our Goals

1. To strive for academic excellence through strengthening
    skills and capacities of faculty, research scholars and
    students for teaching/ training, research and develo-
    pment, extension/community service and

2. To serve as a nodal resource centre for academic
    institutions and organizations – bilateral, international,
    national, government departments and industry.

3. To establish a network for academics, research and
    extension in order to keep pace with developments at
    regional, national and global levels.

Our Mission

To participate in the process of national development for ensuring good quality of life of the citizens, through development of trained and skilled professionals in the areas of Ergonomics, Consumer Ergonomics, Environment, Interior and Exterior Space Management, Consumer Education, Energy management and serve as a nodal resource centre for higher education, research, training and extension

Our Motto

To train women in the focal areas of the Department so that they are transformed into professionals who can participate effectively in various areas of resource management as teachers/educators, researchers, managers and designers.
Contact :
+91-22-2660-8462 ext. 220

Department of Family Resource Management, Juhu,
SNDT Women’s University
Juhu Campus, Sir Vithaldas
Vidyavihar, Juhu Road,
Santacruz (W),
Mumbai 400 049

Head of Department
Prof. Archna Bhatnagar

• Ph.D in Resource Management
• Master in Resource Management
• Master in Interior Design
• PG Diploma in Hospitality
• PG Diploma in Interior Designing
• PG Diploma in Environment and Development

Teaching Faculty
• Prof. Archna Bhatnagar
• Dr. Manjit Kaur Chauhan (Associate Professor)